Club tops for young talent

Southern junior program flourishing


Southern United’s Shayla Jansz has been selected in the state Under 13 team.

THE future of any sporting club is dependent on the junior program.

There are many ways success of the program can be judged, whether it be seeing the children with smiling faces coming back the following year and the number of premiership flags.

The transition of players from juniors to seniors is key.

Last weekend Southern United saw that happen in spades, with 15-year-old Craig Marais scoring his first goal in the highest level competition of the state, Premier League, in the 3-1 win against


Meanwhile Southern’s Sue Jones has been running a program to support the young juniors wanting to take on the role of umpiring, and last weekend 13-year old Charlie Williams umpired his first senior game.

Over the year state teams have been selected in age groups between Under 12 and Under 21, and 34 players from Southern United have been chosen.

Hockey Victoria has picked the last state outdoor teams for 2017 with the selection of the Under 13 teams to compete in Perth in October.

Ten players have been selected from Southern United.

Dominique Blatherwick, Shayla Jansz, Josie Lawton, Hope Pengilly and Evie Stansby are in the Blue team.

Laura Loycke and Taylor Nel are in the White team, while Lulu Stansby, 11, has been selected as a train-on.

It’s the first state selection for Shayla, Hope and Taylor, while Josie, Dominique and Laura were in the Victorian team that won the Australian Championships last year. For the boys, Lachlan Paice and Jacques Carstens are in the Blue team.