It’s lights, camera, action at Southern


Southern United star Megan Hull scored twice this week

CAMERAS arrived early at Farm Rd on Sunday for the Hockey Victoria live streamed game between Southern United and Greensborough.

In the spotlight, Southern sparkled.

In the Premier League women’s game, Megan Hull scored off a penalty corner in the eighth minute and just before halftime she scored again, this time from a penalty, setting up a 2-1 win.

The women’s reserves also had a much needed 3-0 win.

Meanwhile, the men’s Pennant A competition is proving tight for all teams. Going in to round 12, just one win separated fourth to ninth on the ladder.

Southern United finished runner up last year but has not had the same success this season.

With both a place in the four and relegation to Pennant B a possibility, each game is vital and Southern has produced the goods over the past three weeks, capped with a strong 5-1 win over Altona this week.

The emphatic win moved Southern United from eighth on the ladder to a place in the top four.