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Lucie James and neighbour Stuart Gow share a car.

IN DAYS gone by a neighbour might drop in to borrow a cup of sugar but what about a car?

Brunswick neighbours Stuart Gow and Lucie James have been doing just that as part of the Car Next Door mobile app.

The app allows a car owner to make their vehicle available for use, and a driver to search nearby for an available car and use it for a fee. When Mr Gow found Ms James’ car available just around the corner from his home, he jumped at the chance.

“I do a lot of weekend work down at Mornington Peninsula and that seems to be the time Lucie doesn’t need the car so it works out well,” Mr Gow, who works in corporate events, said.

“It’s nowhere near as expensive as if I owned the car but I do drive it and treat it as if it is my own.”

Ms James used the app as a borrower before owning her own car.

She said being an owner on the app had cut the expense of running her car significantly.

“It basically pays for my insurance and covers the cost of the car, it’s really well run,” Ms James said. Details:

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