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Fire season is ongoing


The hottest summer day around Moreland has become progressively hotter and now averages 42C – up 3.3C since the 1970s.

Melbourne Airport weather station recorded its hottest ever temperature, 46.8C, on 7 February 2009 – the day of the Black Saturday bushfires. These bushfires began after a record-breaking heatwave that peaked with unusually windy, dry and hot conditions – three crucial factors that contribute to catastrophic fire danger.

Climate change is making some of these conditions more common, contributing to a longer bushfire season in southern Australia. The 2019/20 fire season began in September – much earlier than usual – and is expected to continue until autumn.

CFA volunteer firefighter Jaymie says bushfires feel harder to combat. “The assistance of rain is highly important to help knock fires down, but its regularity has depleted [and] the weather seems less predictable.”

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