Mulgrave Primary School student Daniel, 8, tries on an eHat with help from Wellington Secondary College Year 7 student Ancgajan.


A DRIVERLESS bus was one of many exhibits set to inspire Monash students at a Mulgrave event.

The Eastern Business Innovation Centre welcomed 120, Grade 1 and 2 students, who had a first-hand look at the future of 10 different industries on Friday.

Centre chief executive Danielle Storey said the aim was to inspire children.

“We want to showcase the collaboration between education providers and industry,” she said.

“That the two can work together to inspire young kids and to forge really good relationships between the different entities — that these things can happen and have a positive outcome.”

Mrs Storey thanked the “incredible” innovators who, despite being incredibly busy working on their ventures, were more than happy to help out.

“They are all really enthusiastic about it,” she said.

“Students now know that they can reach out to people in the region and learn.”

The areas included robotics, 3D print, the future of housing, drone photography, augmented reality and coding and websites.