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Peter Dyer with his hardworking bees.

IT’S bee swarming season but don’t be afraid, says Peter Dyer of Backyard Honey.

After buying land in the country complete with working bee hives, Peter and Jane Dyer, of Surrey Hills, decided to do the same in the suburbs.

Before long, people were calling in from across the eastern suburbs to own hives, leading to the birth of Backyard Honey.

Thirty to 40 per cent of our food relies on bees for pollination so helping out bees is in our best interests.

Jars of Backyard Honey contain more than 200 different pollens and it tastes quite different to honey at the supermarket.

And Melbourne honey testers have declared Backyard Honey to be better than most Manuka honeys, in terms of antibacterial properties.

If that’s not enough, Mr Dyer said bees made surprisingly good pets.

“You don’t pat them and cuddle them but you don’t have to feed them or take them to the vet either,” Mr Dyer said.

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