Fringe stage set for the drama of life in St Kilda


Clare Mendes, at Acland St’s Monarch Cake Shop, created the St Kilda Stories show for the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Picture: Penny Stephens

Landmark St Kilda locations including Grey St and Luna Park are the cornerstone of a Melbourne Fringe show about the bayside suburb.

Drawing inspiration from the area, St Kilda Stories is a collection of whimsical scenes about pivotal places or events in the town.

At Monarch Cakes, an Australian Women’s Army Service officer waits patiently for love, for the end of the war and for her chocolate kooglhoupf; a Midsumma pride marcher reflects on his life as he prepares to step out as Wonder Woman; and on the Esplanade, a woman nervously makes her way towards Luna Park for a reunion with an old flame.

Creator Clare Mendes said the suburb deserved to be celebrated.

“We were conscious that St Kilda had been well celebrated in popular culture, literature and film (but) we want to celebrate it in monologue form,” she said. “We wanted to give St Kilda a powerful dramatic voice.”

St Kilda Stories will be performed at The National Theatre from September 26 to 30 as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Tickets: