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Call for science superheroes

Citizen scientists needed to protect the bay


Port Phillip EcoCentre executive officer April Seymore.

Pictur Ian Currie


The Port Phillip EcoCentre team needs people to help protect our bay, by collecting information and photos of what you see by the seaside.

Through citizen science, beachcombing becomes a superpower.

Volunteers who record simple observations over time to help EcoCentre scientists answer big questions.

In this way, treasure-hunting on the tidelines of Port Phillip Bay can lead to time travel, enhanced vision and the ability to predict the future.

Beachgoers often notice seagrasses, shells, shark eggs and any plastic litter that was dropped, blown or washed to the foreshore.

Tracking the size, amount and location of what you find will turn anecdote to evidence.

Collecting simple data in a particular spot will help decisionmakers devise prevention plans for problems.

We also love zooming in on the living creatures we are working to protect! We study species ranging from plankton to penguins.

Sea snails, pipis and other molluscs filter the stormwater runoff and help keep our bay swimmable, fishable and beautiful.

Shells that wash onto shore provide clues about the health of these molluscs, which form a link in the food chain.

All you need is a love for spending time on our beaches.


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