Sherwood Interiors’ Frank Mercuri, Pat Mercuri, Victor Lattouf and David Ross. Picture: IAN CURRIE

EMPLOYEES at Reservoir family business Sherwood have joined millions of men across Australia in growing a mo to raise funds for men’s health.

Sherwood Interiors director Pat Mercuri has experienced his fair share of health confessions as boss.

“I’m confronted by an alarming amount of employees whom after initiating a general chat, confide their personal struggles to me,” he said.

“We as men don’t find it easy to speak up, conflicted with not wanting to seem unmasculine.”

Movember raises money for prostate and testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

From 30 participants in 2003 to more than 5 million today, the Movember Foundation has been one of the leading charities changing men’s health.

The company’s employees are taking part in the initiative to raise awareness and money for the cause.

Mr Mercuri said he hoped it would be a step forward in providing a safer and healthier environment for all his employees.

“Making our workplace healthier means confronting and ultimately removing the stigma surround men’s mental health and all health in general,” he said.