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Residential living offers Jesse hope


Jesse* is 21 years old and has lived in a Hope Street residential unit for three years, after becoming homeless at 16.

“I failed year 11 because I got diagnosed with diabetes that year and before the diagnosis I kept falling asleep in class,” he said. “My parents didn’t like that.”

Jesse (pictured) was kicked out of home and spent two years couch-surfing.

Within two weeks of connecting with Hope Street, Jesse moved to a residential unit. The site accommodates people aged 16 to 25 who are experiencing homelessness. They live independently in units and receive case management, counselling and life skills training.

Jesse arrived at Hope Street aged 18, with no driver’s licence, having failed year 11, being unemployed, estranged from his family and never having lived alone. Three years later, he has completed years 11 and year 12 through VCAT, has his driver’s licence, knows how to live independently and cook.

Jesse encouraged young people experiencing homelessness to reach out.

* Not his real name

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